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In the Locker Room with Coach C of Linden by Terence Johnson

Posted Thursday, October 30, 2008 by by Terence Johnson
 Terence Johnson: What are your goals for the 2009-2010 season?
 Phil C: Our goals for the season are the same every year, to be better in December, better in January, better in February and as good as we can be in March, and to be playing the last game of the year.  We want to  Compete as well as we can in the conference,  county, and the state,  If we can accomplish this we will be successful . 

 TJ: How has or did the off-season conditioning program go? Any kid in particular you want to comment on due to commitment to the off-season  etc?
PC: We here at Linden do not have a pre season conditioning program, I do not get in the gym with the players until the day after Thanksgiving.  LOL
Tevin Calhoun had a great summer for us in our league and he also made the all star team at 5 star Camp.  He continues to get better everyday and I look for him to have a big year for us.

TJ: Which game do you have circled or your players can't wait to play?
PC: In all honesty,  we really don't circle anyone on our schedule.. We have been the circled for so long that we have turned into allot of teams big game of the year.  I feel when you do this it gives  you to many up and downs.  We play each opponent that is next on our schedule and give them all of our attention..

TJ: How do you feel about the Conference being ended starting in 2009?
PC: Its will great sadness that the Mighty Watchung conference will be ending at the end of the year. I competed in this conference as a player and a coach and from top to bottom, no other conference can compare.  We take great pride in the fact that we have won 9 conference championships during my tenure in Linden.  The 1 good thing is that many of the rivalry's will continue with Linden, Elizabeth and Plainfield, we will still be meeting on the court for many years to come.  I will miss our battles with East Side, Irvington, and Shabazz.  Games aside,  my individual relationships with the coaches from these schools made every game a battle because they get their kids to compete so hard. 

TJ: Do you bring your college playing experiences with you to the sidelines?
PC: I bring all my experiences to the court when im coaching.   We still do some of the same drills or variations of them that I did when  I played 5th and 6th grade basketball.  A person is a fool not to incorporate all their life experiences into what they do daily either good or bad. 

TJ: Who is your pre-season coach of the year candidate?
My pre season coach of the year is all of the coaches but me.

Who is the top player in the conference?
I think this year it is much harder to determine who is the best player in the conference.  I think we need to let the season play out before we start signaling out an individual.  THERE is no Randy Foye or Desmond Wade this year.  Had to mention Desmond somehow lol.  a case can be made for a handful of players, the 3 from Plainfield, Union has some Elizabeth.  Our player David Bruce can be when he wants to be.

 Not trying to put you on the spot, but Which player do you think your going to
miss the most from last year's team and why?

DESMOND WADE Impossible to replace on or off the court That was the easiest ? to answer.

 Did you name captains yet? if so who are they and why?
Being a captain at Linden is a privilege that nobody has earned yet for this coming season. Iwill say this, if nobody steps up to become the leader we will not have a successful year.

4 pm start times or 7 pm, which do you prefer?
There is nothing like Plainfield Linden Elizabeth and LINDEN at 7PM. Its aways a buzz in the air, long lines, and a great atmosphere.  Being A former JV coach I loved when the varsity played after us because early arrivals would stay to watch us play.  But 4 pm games during the week are better educationally for the students, it  gives them down time at night to do their work.  We all know if a kid has a big game at 7 they are not coming home after school to complete the homework before game unless they are extremely dedicated students.  I know I never did it so my grades went from bad to worse during the season. LOL!

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